About me

I'm an avid coffee drinker. I prefer black coffee (it took years to reach that statement), but I do like having flavored coffee (like mochas) occassionally. I picked sociology because I tend to be very analytical when it comes to the world and the expectations it sets. Sociology enables me to break down arbitrary rules to their roots to better understand why society is the way it is. When I'm not working or studying, I tend to watch TV with my mom (we love television shows and movies) or write creatively.


I visited Indy multiple times during high school for an extracurricular. I loved the downtown area and how IUPUI was nestled among it all. When I was applying to colleges, IUPUI was the only one with a great forensic science program (what I wanted to study at the time). I felt IUPUI was the best choice for what I wanted in a career. Later, even when I changed my major, I was happy to be with IUPUI for their opportunities in higher ed.