About me

I chose media arts and science after deciding that communication studies wasn't as hands on as I would have liked. I love to use cameras and make videos about things I am passionate about. This major allows me to work creatively and utilize all of my passions and talents. In my free time, I like to listen to music (mainly Taylor Swift and Glee) and watch movies and TV shows. I like doing this because it helps me understand good video editing and what to do or not do when I am working on a project. Watching movies and TV shows also lets me appreciate all of the talent out in the world and see what I want to become. Something unique about me is I make popcorn the old fashioned way—on the stove in some oil. I am a popcorn fanatic, and I believe that there is no better popcorn than straight from the movie theater with tons of salt and butter. Everything else that I make is just a substitute until I can go to the movies again.

Why I chose IUPUI

I chose IUPUI because it is in the heart of Indianapolis and Indiana as well. I like being close to all of the downtown action, but also far enough that I am not overwhelmed. I come from a small town, and IUPUI gave me the feel of a big city without being too much for me. IUPUI also seemed to care about its students more than other universities I visited and that was important to me. Being in the city allows me to have more opportunities and experiences in the entertainment field I have chosen.