About me

I grew up in California for the majority of my life and moved out to Indiana in 2012. Despite what others may think, I do enjoy the weather here and love the Indianapolis atmosphere. As a senior in high school, I was not knowledgeable about the universities in Indiana. Eventually, I discovered several schools in Indianapolis, and through some intensive research, I chose to come to IUPUI.


Why I chose IUPUI

I chose to come to IUPUI when I discovered the kind and inviting atmosphere of campus and the resources available for student growth.


My first work experience

I worked at the downtown mall in retail. My experience there wasn't the greatest, but it taught me a lot about customer service. This retail job also shaped the way I look at work from a students' perspective. That is why I made the informed choice to work for IUPUI as an ambassador. During the interview process, I had the privilege to meet other student ambassadors who appeared genuinely happy working as students. I understood that students are seen as students first and are given time for studies, all while being in a learning environment where students are able to grow and to enhance skills that can be applied to their future careers.