About me

I am a freshman pursuing a degree in philanthropic studies. I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, but spent my four years of high school in Lebanon, Indiana. My hobbies include planning fundraising events, singing really loudly, and binge watching various Netflix shows.

My first college work experience

My first college job experience is right here in the Office of Student Employment (OSE)! Being the newest member of OSE seemed super intimidating at first because everyone around me was already really good at their jobs, but as soon as I walked into the third floor's welcoming atmosphere, I knew I’d be a good addition to the team.

Why I chose IUPUI

Lebanon was such a small town that I had to do a lot of adjusting when I moved there from Chicago, but the stark contrast between the Windy City and the friendly one really opened my eyes to the effect a supportive community can have on people. I wanted to continue living in a supportive atmosphere that could offer a sense of familiarity, but I also wanted to open myself up to new opportunities. IUPUI’s medium-sized campus in a big city only 24 minutes away from home did just that.