About me

I am originally from Ohio, where I completed my Bachelor of Music in Music Education and my Master of Arts in College Student Personnel. I valued my time in music education, but I discovered my passion was to expand and to enrich educational opportunities for students. Outside of work, you can find me exploring local coffee shops, singing along to the latest Broadway soundtrack, or testing my baking skills.

My first college work experience

During my first semester of college, I became a student ambassador for my admission office. In this role, I helped give tours, work admission events, and communicate with prospective students. I initially chose to work in this role because the admission staff had been crucial in my own college search, and I needed to have a source of income. As I continued working for the office, I started recognizing the valuable knowledge, skills, and experiences I was gaining. Many of those skills allowed me to successfully complete my degree and find success in future positions. Also, although I didn’t know it when I first started, my role in the admission office changed the path of my career completely and led me to where I am today.

Why I chose IUPUI

When I began my work in higher education, I aimed to foster environments for students to achieve academically and to live authentic, purpose-driven lives. When looking at institutions that supported this mission, IUPUI stood out. Through walking around campus and talking with students and staff, I noticed that students are supported academically and personally, students and staff feel a sense of community, and innovation is supported if it can positively impact students. I am excited and proud to be part of this forward-thinking university that works to make every member of the community feel valued.