About me

I'm a talker!​ So if you ever want to just relax and shoot the breeze—come find me. I'll discuss anything, including but definitely not limited to: Star Wars, Walk the Moon, Colony House, Labradoodles, literature, and Chipotle. Outside of my near-constant state of conversation, I thoroughly enjoy anything that has to do with the outdoors, my black Labradoodle named Cassidy, or listening to some good tunes.


My first college work experience

When I was 18, I was hired at Old Navy and loved it! I was able to talk to people all day, while also feeling a sense of accomplishment. I immediately loved my co-workers, and I still work there one day a week. I can't bear to leave the team I've grown so close to. Now that I work in the Office of Student Employment, I can say with confidence that I'm one of the luckiest employees alive. How many people can honestly say that they've thoroughly enjoyed both of the jobs they've held? Well, I sure can! I'm excited to have joined the team and anticipate the coming projects and challenges I will be faced with.


Why I chose IUPUI

To be honest, my first qualification when choosing a college was location. I knew I wanted to stay near home and save a few bucks. However, when I did more research on the Kelley School of Business and discovered how renowned it is, I knew IUPUI was the place for me. Now, two years later, I've found an incredible group of friends, an excellent on-campus position, and various leadership opportunities. I wouldn't change my choice to come here for anything!