About me

I am majoring in health data science and minoring in informatics from the Indiana University School of Public Health. Besides majoring in data science, one thing I really enjoy doing is photography. Photography has been a huge part of my life since my junior year in high school. I am a partner to a videographer and I take photos of the different events that we attend. I love to take portraits of my friends, family, and pets in my spare time.

My first part-time job

My first part-time job was at a retirement home. I was kind of like a waitress who brought and made food to the people who live there. By having this job, I realized how valuable money is, and how easily it can be spent. This taught me to save more of my money and to only buy things that were necessary. Another thing I learned from this job was the importance of communicating with people. During my time at the retirement home my communication and interaction skills with others improved greatly.

Why I chose IUPUI

I chose to come to IUPUI because it has one of the coolest campuses I have ever seen. The downtown atmosphere makes college much more enjoyable for me. I chose to work here because, once again, I really enjoy the atmosphere here on campus. Having a job on campus is the most convenient option, as opposed to working somewhere off campus where I wouldn’t have the opportunities that I have here. As for my job in the OSE, I get to do what I love. Photography is my passion and there are so many different opportunities that require me to showcase my photography skills.