About Me

Hello everyone! I am a proud alumna of Purdue University–Indianapolis and loved IUPUI so much that I never left. My master’s degree is in marriage and family therapy from Capella University. I really enjoy the challenge that both of my roles offer—one as a therapist and the other as a higher education professional. When I am not at IUPUI or in the therapy office, I am probably watching the entire series of Criminal Minds, spending time with my husband and family, or playing sand volleyball. I am a competitive soul and love being outdoors!

Why I chose IUPUI

As mentioned in the About Me section, I am a proud alumna of IUPUI and loved it so much that I never left! As a staff member, I chose IUPUI originally through happenstance. There was an opening during my senior year of college for a clerical-level administrator, which encompassed implementing the work-study program. I joked with my supervisor at the time that if the position did not require a bachelor's degree I would love to apply. To my surprise, she said it did not! I built a strong connection with undergraduate students in this role and knew that I wanted to continue to impact students through employment. Being someone who has worked hard her entire life, I became very passionate about helping students to see the value in their work and involvement experiences. I wanted to help as many students as possible to articulate these transportable skills and to engage in higher-level experiences. I have moved up twice in my department since that first position, and every time I transition, I awaken a new challenge. I am fortunate that I can continue to stay connected to what I am passionate about.

My first college work experience

This is a story I hear all too often. When I started college as a little freshman at IUPUI, I had saved quite a bit of money over the summer and decided I wanted to concentrate on my coursework and hold off on working my first year or at least my first semester. This lasted until October; college fun is expensive, and I ran out of money a lot faster than anticipated. I knew I could go back to serving. I did that in high school, but I did not need that much money. I decided to go to the Circle Center Mall and test my skills in retail. Hollister was my first gig, and it was very different from serving. That position lasted about two months due to the continual requests to come in and work during my classes, the fact that I had to pay for parking, and they put me on an on-call status, which meant I only got paid if they needed me to come in. I will be honest, I could still be on payroll because I never actually turned in my resignation, and they never called me to come in. That whole experience is probably the best example of what NOT to do.