About me

I am majoring in computer engineering and minoring in math and computer science for the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology. Although I am majoring in computer engineering, one of my biggest passions is cinematography. This is one of the skills that I hope to carry on throughout my whole life. I started a business where I film wedding and other various events. I also love to make videos about anything I can when I have free time. 

My first part-time job

My first part-time job was at Starbucks. Getting this job really opened the door to reality for me. I realized how hard it is to gain money and the importance of a career. I learned how to budget my money and started to make smarter decisions when it came to spending. I also learned to improve my communication skills and customer service skills at this job, which has helped me a great deal.  

Why I chose IUPUI

I chose to work at IUPUI because I thought it was the most convenient place to work. I would not want to go off campus and work somewhere else. The minimum wage on campus was also a big factor to consider because I would not find this anywhere else. Coming to IUPUI was an easy choice as all three of my sisters went to school here, and the youngest of the three sisters is an engineering advisor here. I felt like at other colleges there was more of a competition on who can be better than the other, but I saw IUPUI as place to have equal opportunity.