Featured Student Employees


January 2018: Kamri Williams

Our first featured student employee of the year is Kamri Williams, who is a senior here at IUPUI. Kamri is majoring in the field of social work and is currently the team area manager for the Cube, located in the Campus Center. As a student employee at IUPUI, Kamri enjoys overseeing students who genuinely care about one another and enjoy the work that they do.

She feels this experience has helped her prepare for her future by exposing her to countless amounts of diversity and bringing out the leader within her. She has learned how to work successfully as part of a multidisciplinary team. In addition, Kamri has learned how to design her time effectively by making sure she has a specific time set for each of her priorities. The associate director of the Campus Center and Student Experiences, Linda Wardhammar, said that she admires Kamri’s initiative and drive to take charge when needed.

Kamri will be graduating in May 2018. We are looking forward to learning about all the great things she will accomplish in the Indianapolis community! Think Kamri’s role in the Cube is pretty cool? Campus Center and Student Experiences hires on a regular basis, especially at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. Check JagJobs and the Division of Student Affairs website for more information on the opportunities they have to offer. Congratulations to Kamri on being one of the first #featuredjags of 2018!

Featured student employee, Kamri Williams, with Linda Wardhammar.