Featured Student Employees


January 2018: LeAndre Level

Introducing one of our featured student employees of January: LeAndre Level! LeAndre is a senior here at IUPUI studying political science. He works in the Office of Community Engagement as a program coordinator. When interviewing LeAndre, he explained that what he has enjoyed the most during these past two years has been taking on more responsibility and working with great colleagues. During his time in the Office of Community Engagement, he has built many important network connections with business leaders across Indianapolis.

LeAndre succeeds in managing his time between work, school, and personal life. He divides his time to be successful in the classroom and in the office by scheduling certain days for working in the office while ensuring he keeps enough time to work on schoolwork. Being a student first and employee second, he dedicates more time to working on his academics, which is one reason why working on campus is beneficial to his work-life-school balance. 

LeAndre was recommended for this feature by his supervisor, Sara Griffin. She said what she appreciates the most about LeAndre is how dedicated he is and how hard he works. He is professional and wonderful at communicating with others, both within the university and outside of the university. LeAndre will be graduating in May 2019, and we look forward to seeing the wonderful ways he contributes to the Indianapolis community. If you think community engagement sounds like a wonderful place to work, the Office of Community Engagement will be recruiting mid spring semester on JagJobs; watch for this opportunity to come your way. Congratulations to LeAndre on being one of the first #FeaturedJags of 2018!

Featured student employee, LeAndre Level, with his supervisor, Sara Griffin.