Featured Student Employees


February 2018: Hallie Martin

Introducing our February featured student employee, Hallie Martin! Hallie is a freshman here at IUPUI majoring in the field of health data science, and she currently works as the data analysis and communications ambassador in the Office of Student Employment. As a student employee at IUPUI, Hallie enjoys working with her awesome co-workers and being on the media and marketing team as well. Since Hallie is a part of the media and marketing team, she works with others on her team to implement this Featured Jags program to feature students across campus. Hallie likes working on new projects within the media and marketing team, along with being handed new tasks for data and analysis.

Hallie shared how she successfully designs her time to be efficient in her work. She designates certain times for school and certain times for her work so that she can focus on her tasks at hand while in the office. Hallie was recommended for the Featured Jags program by her supervisor, Jenna Corcoran. Jenna emphasized the importance of Hallie’s role in the office and how valuable her skills are to the rest of the team. Jenna explained that Hallie is well organized, prepared and ready for new challenges, and always efficient with her time. Jenna states that Hallie has worked very well not only in the office but also out of the office since she is an event photographer for the department as well.

Hallie will be graduating in May of 2021, and we are looking forward to seeing the wonderful ways that she will impact the Indianapolis community! If you think the Office of Student Employment sounds like a place you would love to work, the office will be recruiting for upcoming positions for the summer. Watch JagJobs for possible positions you are interested in! Congratulations, Hallie, on being one of the #FeaturedJags of February 2018!