Featured Student Employee


Jessie Silguero

One of our November featured student employees is Jessie Silguero. Jessie is a proud first-generation college student and a junior here at IUPUI. Jessie is currently majoring in criminal justice and working as a peer advisor for the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA).

As a student employee, Jessie enjoys working with his supervisor and his co-workers. He said, “What I enjoy most about my position would be the work environment. Everyone is so nice and helpful.” Since November is First-Generation celebration month, Jessie is a perfect student to feature. Jessie, along with his supervisor, are first-generation college students. When asked how his job impacts him, he replied, “This job helps me to be more organized and more responsible. Ever since I got this job, I have really improved my time management.”

Terry O’Brien, Jessie’s supervisor, has wonderful things to say about Jessie and what she values in Jessie as an employee. Terry explained, “Jessie had a really genuine desire to help students, that’s something he talked about in his interview. He just really comes to work motivated and ready to help students.” When asked about working with students, Terry said, “He is always happy to help students, whatever that means, he will do it.”

We are looking forward to learning about all the great things Jessie will accomplish in the Indianapolis community! Think Jessie’s role in SPEA is pretty cool? Check JagJobs for more information on the opportunities they have to offer. Congratulations, Jessie, on being one of the #FeaturedJags of 2018!