Featured Student Employee


Morgan Outcalt

One of our October featured student employees is Morgan Outcalt, a senior here at IUPUI. Morgan is majoring in philanthropic studies and is currently working at the front desk for the IU Lilly Family School of Philanthropy. Morgan hopes to graduate in December of 2018.

As a student employee, Morgan really enjoys working in such a friendly environment of staff. Everyone in the school is ready and willing to be supportive of each other. When asked what she has learned from this position related to her future, she said that developing problem-solving skills has been really important. She stated, “I have been presented with a lot of unique issues,” so she has to think critically and follow through until issues are resolved.

Balancing time between work and school can be very challenging, Morgan points out, and what has been helpful for her in managing work and school has been the people she works with. She says, “They know I am a student, so they definitely help me out if I am having trouble.” To make things easier for herself, Morgan maintains a calendar and schedules reminders to help her stay on top of what she is supposed to be doing. Morgan’s supervisor, Pamela Clark, has a long standing relationship with Morgan. From being her advisor when Morgan was a prospective student to supervising her now, the two have known each other for quite some time. Pamela explains that Morgan “is a can-do person, and [I] really appreciate her positive attitude and willingness to do the tasks we need her to do.” Pamela also stated that Morgan is not afraid to take initiative and jump in wherever needed.

We are looking forward to learning about all the great things Morgan will accomplish in the Indianapolis community! Think Morgan’s role in the IU Lilly Family School of Philanthropy is pretty cool? Check JagJobs for more information on the opportunities they have to offer. Congratulations, Morgan, on being one of the #FeaturedJags of 2018!