Featured Student Employee


Ryan Fraser

One of our October featured student employees is Ryan Fraser, a junior here at IUPUI. Ryan is majoring in finance, international studies, and organizational communications. He is currently a project student worker for the Kelley School of Business in the Academic and Professional Development office.

As a student employee, Ryan enjoys all of the different people he is able to interact with from faculty, to administrators, to advisors. He states, “It’s a lot of fun to see all of the behind the scenes of what’s going on to give the students the best education they can possible have.” There are so many things Ryan appreciates about the experience that he is gaining from this role. One skill that he will use in the future is taking initiative to seek out and to prepare for the next step. In whatever capacity that may be, whether working on a project or solidifying future skills, Ryan is always looking for what is next and how to best prepare.

Eric Raider, Ryan’s supervisor, has wonderful things to say about Ryan and what he values in Ryan as an employee. Eric explains, Ryan “is very knowledgeable about all Kelly experiences; he has participated in study abroad, he has done case competitions, and he is a very involved student.” Eric also stated that all of Ryan’s experience and engagement outside of the office make him the perfectly well-rounded student they want to be working in their office. 

We are looking forward to learning about all the great things Ryan will accomplish in the Indianapolis community! Think Ryan’s role in the Kelley School of Business is pretty cool? Check JagJobs for more information on the opportunities they have to offer. Congratulations, Ryan, on being one of the #FeaturedJags of 2018!

Ryan Fraser's Feature Video