Featured Student Employee


Alexandra Updike

One of our October featured student employees is Alexandra Updike, a senior here at IUPUI. Alexandra is majoring in visual communication design and is currently working as an outreach ambassador for the Study Abroad Office.

As a student employee, Alexandra feels blessed to have the opportunity to work in an area that she really believes in. When asked what she has learned from this position related to her future, she said that a lot of what she has been able to do have been things she would not have encountered just as a student. Alexandra states, “I have the opportunity to practice the skills that I am learning in my graphic design career as well as skills I would not be able to gain inside the classroom.”

Alexandra shared two specific tips that have helped her manage her time to be successful as a student and an employee. First, a calendar is key. She schedules everything. Second, it is important to prioritize the multiple tasks she is working on so she doesn't push herself past what she is realistically able to accomplish in the amount of time she has available. Kevanne Monkhouse states that she was “immediately impressed by Alex’s maturity and professionalism.” Kevanne even goes on to say that when comparing herself as a college student, Alexandra is light years ahead of where Kevanne was as a student.

We are looking forward to learning about all the great things Alexandra will accomplish in the Indianapolis community! Think Alex’s role in the Study Abroad Office is pretty cool? Check JagJobs for more information on the opportunities they have to offer. Congratulations, Alexandra, on being one of the #FeaturedJags of 2018!

Alexandra Updike's Feature Video