Student Employee of the Year

Student Employment "Of the Year" Awards

In alignment with the National Student Employment Association (NSEA), we manage an annual National Student Employee of the Year (SEOTY) and Student Employment Supervisor of the Year (SESOTY) awards program. Our goal is to recognize the outstanding contributions and achievements of students who work while pursuing higher education and those who are working directly with our student employees in supervisory roles. Find more details below, and be ready for nominations to go live at the end of the fall semester!

Student Employee of the Year

The NSEA SEOTY Committee, in agreement with the board of directors, has decided to highlight a total of 16 students (four from each region). A SEOTY winner will be selected for each state in the MASEA region. State winners will receive a certificate and a check for $50. From the state winners, a regional winner and three runners-up will be selected. The runners-up will get a certificate and a check for $75. The regional winner will receive a plaque and a check for $100. Winners will receive the monetary award for the highest award they win. The regional winner and three runners-up will be submitted for the NSEA Student Employee of the Year program.

In accordance with these changes, IUPUI will also honor our top submissions for recognition in these areas:

  • Entry-level and administrative positions
  • Intern, leadership, and research positions

All undergraduate student employees are eligible. Graduate assistants and teaching assistants are ineligible to be our campus selection. However, we will still honor them at the IUPUI campus level.

Nominees are not restricted to students employed through the Federal Work-Study Program.

Students will be evaluated on their contributions to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) competencies for career readiness, as well as overall commitment to their employment opportunity.

Nominations should be in a letter format (two-page maximum, not including the cover letter) and include the following requirements:

  • Briefly describe why you are submitting the student for recognition
  • Briefly outline your student employee's accomplishments over this past year and how they have contributed to the work place
  • Describe how this student exhibits NACE competencies in their position with specific examples (see the Career Readiness Guide below for additional information)


O'Shea Utley—Computer Support Tech, University Information Technology Services

Dawn Baker—Team Staff Member, Opportunities for Positive Growth, Inc.


Yasmilaa Burgos—Circle City Bar & Grille

Andrea Mettert—Indiana Humanities Council


Joanna Fields—Department of Foreign Language


Kimberly Keller—Marketing Assistant, IUPUI Jags Bookstore


Joshua Springer—Communications Graduate Assistant, Center on Philanthropy


Simone Akins—Research Technician, IU Department of Medicine, Endocrinology


Adam Hooker—Department of Orthopaedic Surgery


Gabby Mendoza 


Kawa Cheong—International Programming Assistant, Office of International Affairs


Kassandra Hickman 


Christina Grimany—Office of Student Services


Sara Suarez—Campus Center Information Desk


Anthony Taylor—Course Administrator, IUPUI School of Science

*also won Indiana's state Student Employee of the Year award


Aayushi Kabra—International Support Ambassador, Office of International Affairs


Roshni Patel—L Program


Brianne Karazsia—Employer Relations Ambassador, Office of Student Employment


Jonah Gjertson—Office of Student Employment


Dylan Patterson—Energy Intern, Office of Sustainability

Danilo Almeida—Resident Assistant, Division of Student Affairs, Housing and Residence Life


Holly Lindsey—Web Developer Intern, DUE Office of Communications

*also won Indiana's state Student Employee of the Year award

Supervisor of the Year

Only one supervisor at IUPUI will be awarded Supervisor of the Year with one or two nominations receiving honorable mentions. Each supervisor is awarded based on the same characteristics and categories.

MASEA will recognize a regional winner and two runner-up awards instead of state winners. 

The nominee must be a full-time or part-time staff/faculty employee of the nominating college or university.

Student employees or colleagues may nominate supervisors who work with student employees whom they feel warrant particular recognition for their performance on the job. The Student Employment Supervisor of the Year (SESOTY) Award Program begins at the institutional level and moves on to regional recognition.

Please describe the accomplishments of the nominee that you feel qualify them to be considered for Student Employment Supervisor of the Year recognition. Your letter of nomination must be limited to two pages. Nominations will be judged on the following characteristics: mentoring, professionalism, and leadership provided to the student employee. Please include:

  • The nominee’s greatest attributes, as they relate to their supervision.
  • How the nominee has gone above and beyond the standard work expectations as a supervisor.
  • The quality of the nominee’s work and work style.
  • The nominee’s leadership skills, initiative, and motivation.
  • The impact the nominee has had on your student employees.
  • The qualities of the nominee that set him/her apart from other student employment supervisors.

Please note that additional materials will not be considered. The information you provide may be shared with the public through press releases and other promotional opportunities.


Joe Huerkamp—Mechanical Engineering Department


Sloane Thompson—Director of Career Development, School of Liberal Arts


Brenda Grimes—Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics


Lyne Racette—IU School of Medicine, Department of Ophthalmology


Amy Wylie—Division of Student Life


Erika Huber—Assistant Director of Academic Mentoring, Bepko Learning Center, University College 


Michael Finnell—Contact Center Supervisor, Office of Student Financial Services


Dr. Imranul Alam—Assistant Research Professor, IU School of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology


Terry O'Brien—School of Public and Environmental Affairs


Sarah Eltzroth—Academic and Career Development, University College


Gilbert Flores—International Recruitment and Outreach Manager, Office of International Affairs 

Brett Hietala—Residence Coordinator, Division of Student Affairs, Housing and Residence Life


Lauren DeHaan—Assistant Director, Office of Student Employment

*also won the MASEA regional Student Employee Supervisor of the Year award

Not sure what to include in your submission?

To assist in the process, we have provided examples of each submission below. It should be noted that both Student Employee of the Year and Supervisor of the Year submissions will be in the form of a submitted letter. If you need additional assistance with your submission, feel free to contact Olivia Daley.

Ready to submit your nomination?

The deadline to submit both a student or supervisor nomination is February 1, 2022.


Contact our employer relations consultant, Olivia Daley, if you have additional questions or need assistance with your nomination.