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The Learning and Earning Podcast is hosted by students for students. We discuss different types of employment opportunities, tips on a successful job search, and the benefits of gaining work experience during college.

Sit back, relax, and see where other students are in their job-search journey and maybe get a tip or two along the way.

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Recent episodes

S4 E4 | Immerse Yourself In... (feat. Camryn Daniels)

In this episode of the Learning and Earning Podcast, discover a couple ways one Liberal Arts student has immersed herself into cultural opportunities and how she is making the most of her college experience. Also learn more about an exciting internship and study abroad experience you can add to your to-do list.

S4 E3 | Let's Get Connected (feat. Jessica Boren)

People are the doorways to exciting job opportunities and lasting success - and IUPUI student Jessica Boren knows a thing or two on how to make the most of first impressions. Find out on this episode how to make your elevator pitch stand out and learn about exciting student work opportunities through the power of connections!

S4 E2 | Time is of the Essence (feat. Zach Barnett)

Time flies when you're having fun, but it also flies by when important things are to be done! Find out how full-time IUPUI student and worker Zach Barnett manages to maximize his days with these simple, lifestyle tricks - as well as how he manages to fit everything into a day.

S4 E1 | Working "For the Shoe" (feat. Barry Smith)

On the season 4 premiere episode of the Learning and Earning Podcast, learn the ins and outs of how a minor role contributes to a major corporation from Barry Smith, an IUPUI student and IT intern for the Indianapolis Colts. Explore the power of confidence when applying to major positions, advice on how to succeed in an industry, and the connections and memories you make while working alongside a team.

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