Hire Achievers

Elevate your employment experience with Hire Achievers

Hire Achievers is a developmental program focused on providing students with quality work experiences on campus. While in the program, students gain valuable skills that they can apply in the workplace, and later on in future professional settings. 

What are the benefits?

The Hire Achievers program sets students up for success by providing them with on camus employment opportunities. Once they are hired into their desired position, students work the academic year focusing on personal growth in the workplace. Here's a complete list of how students benefit:

  • Build on professional skills that can prepare you for future work
  • Discover career interests
  • Earn experience on your IUPUI Experiential and Applied Learning Record
  • Experience workplace expectations and cultures
  • Network with staff and faculty
Hire Achievers student work program.

Getting ready for the workforce

While working in the Hire Achievers program, student employees complete monthly professional development modules. Students spend no more than an hour of paid work time completing each month's module. Alongside the online modules, students will participate in developmental chats with their supervisors. 

Important concepts such as professionalism, critical thinking, teamwork, and more are covered in the modules. These topics are reflective of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) career competencies and aligns with one or more of the IUPUI Profiles of Learning for Undergraduate Success. Below is a breakfown of these modules:


Topics: Pre-assessment and goal setting

IUPUI Profiles: Communicator



Topics: Professionalism and work ethic

IUPUI Profiles: Communicator and Problem Solver



Topic: Oral and written communication

IUPUI Profiles: Communicator and Community Contributor



Topic: Teamwork and collaboration

IUPUI Profiles: Communicator and Problem Solver



Topics: Leadership and goal check-in

IUPUI Profiles: Communicator and Community Contributor 



Topic: Critical thinking and problem solving

IUPUI Profiles: Problem Solver and Innovator



Topic: Global and intercultural fluency

IUPUI Profiles: Community Contributor and Communicator 



Topic: Career management

IUPUI Profiles: Communicator and Innovator 



Topics: Final assessment, reflection, and goal evaluation

IUPUI Profile: Community Contributor 

After completing this development series and the academic year within their positions, students will receive a certificate of completion and will be able to indicate their Hire Achievers work experience on their IUPUI Experiential and Applied Learning Record. 

Find your record

How do I find a position?

Just like applying for a part-time job, positions can be found on JagJobs. Look for postings with "Hire Achievers" in the position title. 

Log in with your IU credentials and get started on your job hunt! 


Need help?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Students must be hired into a Hire Achievers position to be a part of the program. Just like applying for a part-time job, these positions can be found in JagJobs. Log in to JagJobs

Positions are only available to federal work-study students. If you have questions about your financial aid package, visit the Office of Student Financial Services on the second floor of the Campus Center. Otherwise, students can visit one.iu.edu and search "View/Manage My Financial Aid Information."

Students can work up to 15 hours per week. 

If students do not complete the online modules by the end of the academic year, they will not receive a certificate of completion or be able to indicate their Hire Achievers experience on their IUPUI Experiential and Applied Learning Record. 

No: the online developmental series will be completed during paid work time. 

These are the guidelines for the Hire Achievers program:

  • Be a freshman or sophomore by academic standing
  • Be enrolled in at least 12 credits
  • Have a federal work-study award

Positions have to meet certain criteria in order to be a part of Hire Achievers. Each varies in their requirements, daily tasks, and expectations. Here are a few of the positions the program has previously had:

  • Multimedia Specialist
  • Student Services Assistant
  • Advocacy Ambassador
  • Clerical Assistant
  • Programs Assistant
  • Music Technology Assistant
  • Civic Engagement Assistant
  • Information Desk Assistant