Benefits of Using FWS Funds

There are many benefits of using FWS funds, such as FWS employment being positively linked to academic achievement and graduation. In addition, FWS earnings are excluded in determining expected family contribution in the next aid year. More benefits are listed below.

  • Flexible work schedules
  • Option to reduce student loans
  • Valuable work experience
  • Reduced transportation costs with employment on or near campus in most cases
  • Exemption from Social Security taxes (for FWS earnings)

Work-Study Award Verification

Students should provide the FAN letter to an employer as confirmation of an award for the current academic term. Learn how to print a Financial Aid Notification page as verification by using this print your Financial Aid Notification tutorial.

IUPUI Work-Study (FWS) Job Search

Our office does not place students in positions that accept FWS funds. We encourage you to find a position using IUPUI’s online job-posting site, JagJobs. Please note that almost all on-campus positions will accept students with work-study funds. You can also type “work study” into the keyword search or select the category “work study” when searching. 

Login to JagJobs

FWS Award Increases Requests

If you are interested in a FWS award increase, please note the Office of Student Financial Services will only review and honor requests for students who: 

  • Have worked at least one month in their positions
  • Have unmet financial need as seen on their financial aid packages

Please remember that increases are not guaranteed. All requests will be reviewed on an individual basis to determine if the student is eligible for an award increase. Submit a FWS award increase request for the summer. If you have questions about your form submission, please email