Hiring Student Employees

Work-Study Overview

Identifying Student Eligibility

We encourage employers who want to hire students with work-study funds to request that students provide confirmation of a work-study award during the interview to verify they have received a FWS award for the current term. Students can learn how to print their financial aid notification page as verification by using this print your financial aid notification tutorial.

Eligibility Periods and Dates

AY 2018–2019 (authorization forms available 8/1/2018)Students can begin working 8/12/2018; the last day to earn work-study funding is 5/4/2019.
Summer 2019 (authorization forms available 5/1/2019)Students can begin working 5/5/2019; the last day to earn work-study funding is 8/10/2019.

I-9 Identification Requirements for Student Employees

All students intending to work on or off campus need to bring their acceptable Form I-9 documents with them.

The documents must be unexpired originals, which means that photo copies and scans are not acceptable documents. Students without these required documents cannot fill out an I-9 and will not be allowed to work until they can present the required documents. 

Click here to see the list of acceptable documents.         

Authorization Form Tutorials

Student Authorization Form Request Tutorial
Employer Authorization Form Tutorial