Hiring Student Employees

Hourly and Work-Study Student Employees

All enrolled students are considered temporary employees when hired into your unit. For hiring processes, there are two common types of positions to hire enrolled students into: hourly student and work-study undergraduate. The only difference in the hiring process between the two is that work-study undergraduate student employees are required to submit a work-study authorization form, but hourly student employees are not required to submit this form.

Please provide each student employee you wish to hire with a formal offer letter like the one in this example. Once the student has accepted the offer, you can move forward with the remaining hiring paperwork needed.

Work-Study Overview

Identifying Student Eligibility

We encourage employers who want to hire students with work-study funds to request that students provide confirmation of a work-study award during the interview to verify they have received a FWS award for the current term. Students can learn how to print their financial aid notification page as verification by using this print your financial aid notification tutorial.

Eligibility Periods and Dates

AY 2017–2018 (authorization forms available 8/1/2017)Students can begin working 8/13/2017, and the last day to earn work-study funding is 5/5/2018.
Summer 2017 (authorization forms available 5/1/2018)Students can begin working 5/6/2018, and the last day to earn work-study funding is 8/11/2018.

Authorization Form Tutorials

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Supervisor Regulations to Be Aware of

  • Student employees earning a FWS award must be supervised or have access to a supervisor at all times (like all student employees) and may not work from home.
  • Student employees earning a FWS award may not supervise other student employees. While they may participate in the recruitment, screening, hiring, orientation, and training of other student employees, they may not provide performance feedback or correction to others.

If you have any questions, email  to gain more information and guidance.