"Tell Me About Yourself"

Many interviews begin with some version of this prompt: “Tell me about yourself.” This means you can practice responding to this question before the interview and be ready to talk about yourself in a polished, concise way. One easy way to structure this response is by talking about your past, present, and future.

Using this formula, try to create a response that is around 60 seconds, and continue practicing so you can respond easily and naturally.

Types of Interview Questions

STAR Method

SDefine the situation you will use as your example.

TOutline the task that was involved in the example.

ADetail the action you chose to take.

RDescribe the result of this example.

Assess the level of business attire required so you can avoid being overdressed or underdressed.


Wear clean clothes and shoes. Make sure clothing is wrinkle-free. Suits, jackets, slacks, shirts, blouses, and professional dresses are encouraged.


Before, During, and After the Interview Process

Other Types of Interview Formats