Cover Letters

Writing a Cover Letter

A cover letter accompanies your resume and describes your particular interest and qualifications for a job.

Before You Write a Cover Letter

Researchthe company or office to understand their goals and structure.  

Reviewthe job description to identify job duties that align with your previous experiences.  

Consideryour own values, interests, and skills and how they influence your interest in the position.    

Cover Letter Content

Once you have a better understanding of yourself in relation to the position, begin developing your cover letter with each of the following sections.

Complete Cover Letter Example

Cover letter example. Please click here to access the PDF version of this example.

Use the same font theme as your resume. Use either 11- or 12-point font sizes throughout.

Keep your letter to one page in length, using no smaller than one-half inch margins. Do this by keeping paragraphs between three to five sentences.


Create an electronic signature to insert into letters that you will send digitally.


Top Five Cover Letter Tips

  1. Before writing your letter, create an outline. This will help you organize your thoughts and create a clear and concise cover letter.
  2. Work to highlight specific experiences and skills you have demonstrated rather than just restating your resume. Never feel the need to apologize for skills you have not gained yet.
  3. Increase your chance at an interview by finding specific aspects of the job description and incorporate those into your cover letter.
  4. Ask a friend to proofread your letter before sending. A second person will be able to help with flow, tone, and clarity to help you impress an employer.
  5. Just like your resume, change the file name to LastName, FirstName_Cover Letter when sending to employers. Also, be sure to save this as a PDF before uploading or sending to an employer.

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