Cover Letters

Writing a Cover Letter

The purpose of a cover letter is to describe your skills in relation to a job description. This letter should be tailored to each job posting. See the suggestions below.

First and Last Name

1234 Imagine St., Indianapolis, IN 45678 | 123-456-7890

*Brand your documents by using your resume header for cover letters.*

August 26, 2018

*The heading should include the date and the address of the employer.*

Department of Jobs
815 W. Michigan Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202

*If the contact person’s name isn't known, use Hiring Manager, Selection Committee, etc.*

Dear Mr. Smith,

The first paragraph should show your general knowledge and regard for the position. Include:

  • The position title from the job posting
  • How you found out about the position
  • Your interest in the position and your enthusiasm for the department/company

This section describes your unique qualities for the position. Remember to:

  • Demonstrate educational preparedness for specific tasks listed in the job description
  • Provide specific examples of experiences that link to the skills required in the position
  • Break up the body into two paragraphs if there are six sentences or more

The last paragraph should be quick and to the point. Include:

  • A personal thank you for taking the time to review your qualifications
  • Specific mention of additional documents you’ve submitted
  • Include a statement about following up with the employer


[insert a handwritten or electronic signature]

*It’s helpful to have a typed first and last name under a signature to make sure names are legible.*

First and Last Name

3Use the same font type for your resume and cover letter with font size being no greater than 11 or 12 point.

4Have an electronic signature on hand. Electronic signatures are convenient and professional when sending letters electronically.

5Paragraphs should be three to five sentences in length and single spaced. Your cover letter must stay on one page.

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