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All you need to know about on-campus employment

Welcome! Our goal is to increase the number of work-study eligible students working at IUPUI, and hopefully, this page will not only pique your interest but also help you prepare to search for jobs at IUPUI. Take your time reviewing the content, and reach out to our office when you are ready to get your search off the ground!

Why you should work on campus

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Work-study authorization form

There is a new process for completing work-study authorization forms. Please review the tutorial on how to initiate your authorization form for the 2019–20 academic year.

Work-study authorization form

The authorization form process has changed! The 2019–20 academic year authorization forms are now available on JagJobs. The 2019–20 academic year eligibility period is 8/11/2019 to 5/9/2020.

You may be eligible for a work-study award. This award has many benefits when trying to find a part-time position on or near campus. Check out information about work-study for benefits and eligibility.

Current work-study eligible positions in JagJobs

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Challenges for why you aren't working at IUPUI

IUPUI employers consider all kinds of experiences as relevant, not just paid employment. Volunteering, student group participation, leadership positions, and many more experiences are related to positions at IUPUI. Check out the Student Services section for more information on putting these experiences into your resume.

One of the benefits of working for IUPUI is the minimum wage of $10.15. If you make more than that now, consider that student hourly employees do not have FICA taken out of their taxes, which means you keep more of your paycheck. Also, continuing to challenge yourself in new positions and building skills are key to preparing for internships and full-time opportunities. Think about the skills you are missing, and search for on-campus opportunities that will help you build those! If you need help identifying skills you are missing, make an appointment or drop in to see us.

Most part-time positions at IUPUI work around your class schedule. Do you have a two- or three-hour break between classes? Why not earn some money while you wait? Working at IUPUI can enhance your time management and save you some gas money. Remember that unless the job description states otherwise, the position will work with your class schedule.

Don't make assumptions about a job before you read the description. The description outlines all of the responsibilities you will have and what qualifications the employer is looking for. More than likely, you would be interested in the responsibilities and meet the skills needed—plus future employers look for skills that mean these positions are most likely relevant to your major. Trust the experts. Making assumptions can mean missing out on excellent opportunities for growth!

Take it from Jenna, our former assistant director. She went back to serving instead of working on campus during her freshman and sophomore years at IUPUI. She finally realized how much time she wasted traveling to and from work, arguing about her availability with her supervisor every week so she could stay enrolled in classes, and missing out on many important skills she needed for internships. Engaging with campus and working helped Jenna continue her education and helped her to find out what she wanted to do with her degree while she got paid.

You're in luck! Our office works with students to develop the best resumes. Make an appointmentor come during drop-in hours, and we will help you create your first resume or edit a current one. No previous resume experience or content necessary!